Our Managing Management Time™ (MMT) leadership program is not a conventional time management seminar.

It is different from other time management courses as we are not going to teach you efficiency techniques like prioritizing, sorting your in-basket, your e-mail, or screening calls and visitors. Those are valuable techniques which you can use after you have attended our presentation. What we will teach you, instead, is how to get control of the timing and content of your job.

Attending the MMT seminar is an essential prerequisite in order to insure that you have built — or are in the process of building — the professional relationships which have people predisposed to listen to what you have to say, and then actively support your initiatives.

Is our Managing Management Time™ Seminar for you?

Our courses are for all members of an organization who:

1. Are now or are likely to be experiencing the problems summarized in our three-part Reality Check and/or

2. Are in search of solutions beyond conventional “efficiency” time management techniques to build and sustain a high level of organizational effectiveness. (see Survey)

If you answered “yes” to the issues raised the Reality Check and Survey, then attending our leadership seminars and workshops will be invaluable to you.

Now, we invite to explore our website, beginning with The Real World:  Your Mission, and Oncken’s Leadership Equation.