Our Approach


How the principles of "Managing Management Time"™ ensure effective individual and organizational performance

Our Focus

Managing Management Time™ (MMT) goes far beyond the typical time management course to examine the causes and effects of time-management problems. MMT provides workable and easily implemented solutions to those problems. It addresses issues as illustrated on the left-hand side of the Equation and brings into focus Oncken’s First Law: “What you know will not get off the ground without the active support of who you know.” In examining that primary issue, the seminar also focuses on:

  • Developing your staff by using the Oncken Freedom Scale to effectively coach them,
  • Empowering the organization, improving teamwork, and increasing productivity at all levels by learning the secrets and applying the rules of monkey management,
  • Maintaining continuity of performance. Your people will know where they stand and operate on their Oncken Freedom Scale, so they will have the freedom, initiative and authority to act—even in your absence, and
  • Reducing stress and anxiety for you and your staff because they can perform AND you are protected with an ‘insurance policy’ and follow-up procedures under monkey management rules.

Our Purpose

After attending our MMT Seminar, you will be able to:

  • Build time and self-directed structure into your work day by getting control of the timing and the content of your job,
  • Make sure that you are spending no more time than necessary solving other people’s problems for them,
  • Ensure that you are spending more time initiating new projects and making real management decisions than just ‘catching up’,
  • Use organizational leverage to do the right thing at the right time rather than working long hard hours trying to do everything right,
  • Resolve conflicts between planned priorities and urgent last-minute tasks, and
  • Turn problems into opportunities concerning demands placed on you by your boss, the system and your subordinates.

Mastering the tools and concepts created by William Oncken Jr. will help you realize your purpose.
These tools include:

  • The Molecule,
  • The Trapezoid,
  • The Anxiety Index,
  • The Freedom Scale,
  • The ‘Pro’s’ Code of Integrity,
  • The Six Principles of Professional ‘Followership’,
  • The Intra-Company Economic (supply-demand) Model, and
  • The Six Rules for the Care and Feeding of Monkeys and Gorillas.

When you become an ‘Oncken Professional’, you will have ‘loaded the dice’ and maximized the odds of being able to control events.

If you would like to make our Managing Management Time (MMT) philosophy an integral part of your organizational culture, contact us about conducting an on-site Seminar at your company location. We also invite you to check out the follow-up training available to graduates of our MMT Seminar.