Managing Management Time Application Workshop

Managing Management Time™
Application Workshop


How the principles of "Managing Management Time"™ are Reinforced by the "MMT Application Workshop™"

The Real World

Those who have attended our Managing Management Time™ (MMT) Seminar know that the MMT philosophy is comprehensive and far-reaching. The seminar was designed so that people could immediately implement its principles. However, attendees come to the seminar with different concerns and problems and, more often than not, concentrate on those aspects of the philosophy that will help them solve their immediate problems, and give less attention to—and thus forget—other aspects of MMT that could help them in the future.

In today’s volatile economy, people are primarily focused on navigating their organizations through periods of uncertainty, often over unfamiliar ground that seems to be shifting under their feet. Daily projects are urgent, training is not or, even worse, it is often seen as a distraction. However, executives who are familiar with MMT, bring our seminar on-site because they know that it helps managers ‘load the dice’ in their attempt to control events, or if they can’t control the events themselves, to influence the impact those events have on their organizations.

To turn learning into mastery, reinforcement of the learned principles is a necessity. Until recently the primary vehicle available to someone who wanted to reinforce the MMT training was to attend another seminar and have side conversations with other participants during the breaks. But experience teaches that it its easier to learn and internalize new skills if there are opportunities for reinforcement and collaboration with other like-minded people in break-out sessions. So while the seminar itself is an effective way to introduce and review the MMT principles, there is an additional way to sharpen professional skills and for an organization to realize a faster and higher return on their training investment.

Our Approach

In this workshop, graduates of MMT—either in one-on-one coaching sessions or in group settings — can fine tune their molecule and sharpen their judgment and influence skills by:

  • Analyzing their work environment,
  • Identifying goals and objectives,
  • Diagnosing problems and opportunities, and
  • Designing a game plan, taking into account organizational constraints, obstacles, realities and constantly changing business, economic, and political conditions.

The workshop accomplishes this by engaging the alumni through the use of exercises, breakout groups and open discussions that deal with the real-world challenges that they are currently facing. An Oncken-certified trainer will facilitate the course, guiding attendees in utilizing the MMT philosophy so that those tools and techniques become the “common language” as they design their game plans.

This joint collaboration accelerates the learning process in that each alumnus brings to the discussions different ‘takes’ on the material, different experiences on how they applied those principles, and ‘what worked’ and ‘what didn’t.’ In addition, our trainer will be sharing with the group how other managers and leaders have dealt with and solved similar problems.

These workshops not only build individual management and leadership skills, but also create an informal mentoring network of like-minded professionals who continue to share with and learn from each other on a continuing ‘real time’ basis.

“MMT is like chess—you can learn the rules fairly quickly but you can spend the rest of your life perfecting your game.”

We recommend an application workshop within 30-60 days of having attended your first MMT seminar, and further workshops when significant events have or are about to impact on you, your job, your molecular relationships, and/or your organization. Remember: no manager is an island — we cannot get anything done without the active support of key players both inside and outside our organization.


Prior attendance at an MMT seminar is required.

Our Invitation To You

To make our MMT Application Workshop available to your MMT graduates, contact us about conducting on-site workshops at your company location.