Monkey Business




Monkey Business
Author:  William Oncken, III
ISBN 1-890009-24-5 : Second Edition (2005) : New. Hardcover. 164 pages. Business/Self-Help

Written to help hopelessly overwhelmed managers get those monkeys off their backs and return them into the hands of those they hire. It explores the value of assigning, delegating and controlling. This book replaces the content as featured in the One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey material.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:  Setting the Stage for Success
Chapter 2:  Are You a Magnet for Monkeys?
Chapter 3:  Monkey “Intelligence”
Chapter 4:  Who’s Monkey Is It Anyway?
Chapter 5:  Monkey Mismanagement
Chapter 6:  The Conversion from Amateur to Professional Monkey Manager
Chapter 7:  How to Keep Monkeys on the Proper Backs
Chapter 8:  Monkeys + Freedom = Empowerment
Chapter 9:  Six Rules for Care and Feeding of Monkeys and Gorillas


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