Reality Check

Is our MMT seminar for you?

Part I:  As you pursued your goals and objectives, what kinds of problems have you faced? Did they include:

  • Confusing or conflicting priorities?
  • A chronic shortage of resources?
  • Not enough time in the day to handle everything on your “plate”?
  • The “urgent” crowding out the “important?”
  • Others co-opting control of what you are doing and when you are doing it?

Part II:  Has your “decision-making environment” been characterized by:

  • Time pressure,
  • Incomplete or partial information,
  • Uncertainty,
  • Ambiguity,  and
  • Risk.

Part III:  Possibly, on some high profile and high risk ventures, have you been haunted by special, private concerns, such as:

  • Nagging “self-doubts”:
  • “A misjudgment here could be devastating. Did I make the right decision?”
  • A feeling of “isolation”:
  • “While I might have the authority, I am in no position to affect tactical outcomes.”
  • “I have to rely on people, many of whom I don’t even ‘know,’ to solve problems.”
  • “Can everyone help effectively solve the problem or is there confusion in the ranks?”